Cookies for Santa

The week before Christmas I planned on finishing up my holiday baking with homemade toffee and caramels.  I had several types cookies in the freezer for Christmas Eve and Christmas day dinners, and to share with Santa.  There were several extra dozens for requests to bring cookies here or there, like caroling.  But as the caroling approached, my daughter wasn’t satisfied with the selection from the freezer.  Fortunately, one of the older kiddos had a short day at school and was able to help make Snickerdoodles and relieve the tension.

Apparently my younger daughter was concerned because there was only seven types of goodies to choose from and Santa would get two of the same thing!  I need to make sure she understands that Santa enjoys cookies even two of the same kind, before she has us needing a second freezer to store 20 types of Christmas treats!

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