A Christmas Story

We love reading Christmas stories in December, we try to read one a night as a family.  And several of us read more on our own.  I have three stories I love from my mother in law; she is an amazing storyteller. She has given me permission to share them with you!  I hope you enjoy the stories as much as our family does each year.

A Christmas Story

It was one of the coldest winters I could remember and the Christmas season was fast coming to a close.  We’ promised the kids a trip to Salt Lake City to see all the lights on Temple Square.  So, we piled into the van, all 12 of us to take the long 150 mile trek through the snowy canyons from Emery  County.

When we arrived, the place was packed in spite of the cold.  We found a place to park a few blocks away and proceeded to don coats, hats, gloves, scarves and anything that would help keep us from freezing.  Four year old Glenn, the youngest and last to get our could only find one glove.  I finally said, “Put this one on and hold Mommy’s hand with the other, it will keep you warm.”  We then hurried to catch up with the rest of the family.  The lights were spectacular; the crisp air seemed to heighten the effect.  We really enjoyed it and were glad we had made the effort even though we had rushed through it.

As we were leaving the big north gates of the grounds, I was taken back by the sad sight of a homeless person sitting there on the cold cement sidewalk.  It really bothered me, but not quite as much as it did my little boy.  He said, “Momma stop!  We need to give him some money or something.”  I told him I was sorry but  that I’d left my purse in the van and was hurrying to get him out of the cold.  He suddenly dropped my firm grip and went running back.  He took his one glove and gave it to the man.  With a smile, he exclaimed, “If you put it on one hand and hold the other one, it will keep you warm!”

I cried as I had learned a great lesson that night, my little boy had followed the example of the Savior.  He took compassion and gave all he had.

Cathern Davis Roberts

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