A Christmas Carol

Who doesn’t know the story of A Christmas Carol?  Everyone needs to know Scrooge’s story of that magical night that turned his life from lonely to lovely.  How could anyone miss it?  There are dozens of versions and remakes on TV every December. I’ve always wanted to read the book, and now I might actually get around to it. (Did you know Amazon has a free Kindle version of Charles Dickens’ story?)

Our must watch version is the Muppet Christmas Carol.  Michael Cane does an excellent job as Scrooge and the Muppets bring humor to keep us all laughing while we’re being taught an amazing lesson.

As we watched the 19 year old classic last night, I mentioned that several people said it was their favorite version too.  My kids said their friends never heard of it.  Now I can’t imagine who would neglect their kids by not showing them my favorite version of the Christmas Carol, but it made me wonder.

What is your favorite version of the Christmas Carol? When did you discover it?  I’m curious to see how many versions are mentioned.

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