Thanksgiving Cub Scout Pack Meeting

We had our Cub Scout Pack Meeting a week early this month to reduce the busyness of Thanksgiving week.  Our Thanksgiving theme was a perfect lead in to the holiday!

We kicked things off with a gratitude tree activity.  Our Cubmaster made an awesome tree trunk.  When families arrived, they were invited to trace their hands, cut out the shape and write something they’re thankful for on it.  Then they taped the “leaf” onto the tree.  It filled out nicely.

To commemorate the Pilgrims crossing the sea, we sang My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean.  I’m thinking I could sing that song with the standing and sitting instead of part of my daily workout.

To further my evening workout, we played “Turkey Tag”.  I guess this is also called “Octopus Tag” and probably a bunch of other names.  The pilgrim was “it” and the rest of us were turkeys.  We lined up on one side of the playing area, the pilgrim called “gobble, gobble” and we all ran to the opposite side of the playing area.  Whoever the pilgrim tagged, froze in their spot and tagged other turkeys running by, until there was only one turkey running.  There wasn’t much tagging going on at first, so we enlisted a couple more pilgrims and that added some extra zing to the game.

We closed out the evening with awards.  This month was great we had boys receive their Wolf, Bear and Webelos!  Thanks to awesome leaders who made the night special and brought treats!

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