Family Home Evening: Working Together

Our lesson was on working together.  First we shared Doctrine and Covenants 138:56.  We talked about the struggle of one person lifting a heavy box versus two people lifting the same box and how much easier a job can be when we work together. I compared it to how strong a 2×4 is compared to two 2×4 supporting a load together; it’s more than twice as strong.  I shared a story called United We Stand by Joseph Walker from the LDS Living FHE lesson.  He makes the point that one horse pulled 7000 pounds and another horse pulled 8000 pounds.  When they pulled together, they pulled 33000 pounds, more than 4 times what they pulled alone!  What a great lesson on working together!

Our activity was carving pumpkins (remember this was last week), and our treat was brownies.

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