Family Home Evening: Recognizing the Spirit

Our lesson came from an EFY DVD once again. My hubby pointed out that there was more to the DVDs than the videos; there are also lesson plans and a few handouts.  When it comes to recognizing the spirit, we came up with the standard Sunday School answers; go to church, read the scriptures, pray and be obedient.  I think some people get tired of hearing these standard answers repeatedly, but they are the standard answers because they are the simple foundation of living righteously.

In the coarse of our discussion, we talked about how some choices are obvious.  We know to choose right from wrong, and we know to stay out of bad situations.  The times I most need to rely on the Spirit, is more often when I’m forced to choose between two good choices.  I’m not sure if my choice is based on what I want or what the Lord wants for me.

We played a quick version of Taboo for our activity and enjoyed Caramel Apples for our treat.  Some of us had extra special apples rolled in chocolate chips or crushed candy bars.

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