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Happy Halloween!

Halloween seems like a good day to share my book club on The Host – since it had aliens.  Nothing says Halloween like a good alien abduction story!

I wasn’t too sure I’d like this book, but I wanted to be a good sport for my new book club so I read it with an open mind.  My kiddos warned me it didn’t start getting good until chapter nine, but I was enjoying the story before I got to that point.  And by the end, I was sad the story was over.

We had a good discussion about the book, even if the the teenagers thought the adults were reading too much into the story.  I wonder if that’s an adult thing to look for meaning in a story beyond the cover of the book and in our own lives.

My friend made a good point about the story hitting close to home.  Even though we aren’t fighting an alien invasion, we are continually fighting against evil we can’t always see.  It can be exhausting, but we still must stay true to what we believe.  It also led us to wonder, and hope, what our choices would have been in different time periods.  Would we have been hiding Jews in our attic or been part of the underground railroad?

Our conversation strayed from the book and on to other topics.  The social aspect is one of my favorite parts of the book club, along with the food.  I wasn’t disappointed with that part either.  We enjoyed a loaf of homemade pumpkin bread.

Next month we will be discussing The Help.  What are you reading?

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  2. Nana says:

    Arrived at your blog post through Reddit. You already know I will be signing up to your feed.