General Conference Reflections

Last week’s General Conference was all that I’d expected.  There were  so many talks that touched me.  A few thoughts that stood out in my notes.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf hit home with his talk about how Satan plays on the extremes of the Paradox of men.  We are so small compared to the universe.  At the same time we tend to be full of ourselves.  We battle with feeling small and insignificant, while struggling with pride.

Neil L. Anderson echoed my thoughts with his talk about the blessings that came from struggling through the poverty of the newlywed years.  Sometimes we are blessed from going without more than we are from temporal blessings.

Ian S. Ardern caught my attention when he said we will be asked for an account of how we spend our time as part of the final judgement.  That’s incentive to use it wisely.

Carl B. Cook reminded us it’s better to look up.  Look to God in faith and we will not feel overburdened.

I look forward to studying he words from our leaders over the next several months until we get to do it again in April!


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