Family Home Evening: Lehi’s Dream

This  week’s lesson was awesome!  One of my teenagers used her notes from EFY for a lesson on Lehi’s dream, found in 1 Nephi 8.  She discussed three groups of travelers portrayed.  The first group were lost in the mist of darkness, they never made it to the iron rod.

The second group were clinging to the rod, made it too the tree of life, but were embarrassed when those in the great and spacious building mocked them.  We discussed the meaning of “clinging”; it’s something you do when you don’t have a strong grip.  In that light, it’s understandable why they would leave the tree of life and join those hanging out in the great and spacious building.

The final group held fast to the iron rod.  They stayed true all the way to the tree of life and there they found joy.  My daughter compared these three groups to the telestial, terrestial and celestial worlds.  Her lesson tied in well to a talk I gave in Sacrament on the same day about our relationship with the scriptures.  Since the iron rod represents the scriptures, then the time we devote to them shows which group from Lehi’s vision we resemble.

In this month’s Ensign, Elder Bednar has an article about Lehi’s dream that goes perfectly with her lesson and my talk.  When several experience overlap in such a short period of time, I know I need to pay attention!

Our activity was Harry Potter Uno and our treat was Caramel Krispies.

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