The Old Testament

After 1 3/4 years, I finally finished reading the entire Old Testament this morning!  The Old Testament is challenging, not just because of the language and the customs, but the chronology.  I get so confused when the story hops time periods , and then the Israelites split into two groups.  But reading the whole thing through helped me to start recognizing the jumps because the names became more familiar.

Once I got past the language and the chronology, I could see the numerous symbolism to Jesus Christ and his constant and unwavering love for us.  I’ve always known that studying the scriptures is a process, that’s why we read them over and over again.  It has been especially clear to me as I read the Old Testament.  Once I gained a little understanding, my knowledge base grew, then my knowledge grew – and the cycle continues.

I am grateful for the scriptures.  I know they bring us knowledge and understanding.  I also know that those gifts don’t come without a price, you actually have to read them.

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