Friday Favorites: September 30

September’s almost over!  This week flew by with several things going on in the evenings; last night was the first night we weren’t running somewhere.  You’d think the busy schedule would spark lots of favorites, but sometimes it just wears me out.  There are a few things that make me feel good.

  • General Conference preparations – I picked up snacks and breakfasts for our Conference weekend.
  • Candy corn – Our local grocery store didn’t have any, but I was able to pick some up on a run to Wal-mart this week. I can’t wait to finally decorate next week.
  • The Host – Despite my disinterest in the Twilight series, Stephanie Meyer is a great storyteller.

I can’t forget to mention the cool things going on in the blogosphere.

  • Seth Adam Smith shares a inspiring Book of Mormon challenge.
  • Monzanita shares a Booing recap.  I’m hoping next week settles down enough for us to play too!
  • Since Halloween is the precursor to Thanksgiving (which is the precursor to Christmas), we might as well start thinking about pie!  Latter Day Woman’s Jordan is on a Pie Quest and shares S’mores Pie.
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