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Hippies 101

While driving my youngest kiddos to school this morning, I learned some interesting tidbits about hippies.

  • Stevie Wonder sounds like a hippie from his music.
  • Five for Fighting, not so much.  Although the song “Superman” is weird too.
  • Boy hippies have long hair.
  • Girl hippies can have long or short hair.
  • All hippies wear beads in their hair.
  • Hippies love peace signs, the Beatles, and neon tie dye.
  • Hippies live in small houses with no electricity, or no houses at all.
  • Hippies living arrangement cause them to use newspapers for blankets.

I’m not quite sure where these tidbits were picked up.  As far as I know, their exposure to hippies has been limited to the Gordon Korman book, Schooled which we read for  family book club last summer.  I guess I need to spend more time with the cool kids for a better education!

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