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Family Home Evening: Humility

I started off our lesson with an object lesson; showing an unsharpened pencil.  We talked about the useful part of the pencil.  My kiddos said its the eraser, but it’s actually the lead.  I compared us to the lead of a pencil and the wood surrounding the lead is pride; it needs to be stripped away to be a useful instrument in God’s hands.

I took the rest of my lesson from President Uchtdorf’s talk Pride and the PriesthoodMy Two Cents has a great outline.  She even has a quiz!  I also included a story from Deseret Books Humility lesson.  I focused on how when we are humble, we are teachable.

Our activity was a combo.  First we played hide and seek, and then we played sardines with the last person hiding.  If you haven’t played sardines, one person hides and everyone seeks.  When someone finds them, they hide near them until only one person is left seeking.

We finished off the night with Browned Butter Cookies.

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