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Family Home Evening: Time Management

Our lesson on time management was based on a DVD lesson from Especially For Youth (EFY).  EFY is a week long conference for 14 to 17 year old boys and girls.  They usually come home with some spiritual resources, including this DVD.  We talked about there are a lot of good ways to spend our time, but we need to focus on the best ways to spend our time that will bless our lives years from now.  That’s not to say that we don’t take time to relax; we just need to do other things besides relaxing.  The highlight of the lesson was when one of my children mentioned how important it is to develop skills while we are young because life gets busier as we get older and gain more responsibilities.  Maybe they are listening!

We played Harry Potter Uno for our activity and enjoyed Frozen Lemon Pie for dessert.

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Friday Favorites: August 19

It’s been a busy week, but yesterday’s fun made up for the stress and drama.

  • There’s a new etsy shop in the family selling Mother’s Pin Necklaces.  If you have a Cub or Boy Scout, this is a perfect place to keep and display all those Mother’s Pins your Scout earns.
  • Lunch with friends always brightens up a week.
  • Monsoon season.  We enjoyed the pounding rain, hurricane winds and even a little hail.  My kiddos were drenched after playing in it for a few minutes.

There’s some exciting things in the Blogosphere too!

Share your favorite of the day!

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Picture Day Drama

Can you believe the expense of school pictures?  $20 for the smallest package and rarely do we get a great picture.  When I was on the board of our local Parent Teacher Network, I learned that school pictures can be a fundraiser for the school.  Even though I exchanged school pictures for a family picture in Christmas cards years before, and stopped purchasing school pictures at that point.

So knowing that I don’t buy school pictures, you’d think that picture day wouldn’t be a big deal.  Wrong!  For some reason, it took an extra 45 minutes to get ready for school.  One of my kiddos wanted to wear a different outfit to school than for the actual picture.  Because she wasn’t ready on time and was rushing, the alternate outfit got left at home.  Drama!

As soon as the heat breaks, we’ll go have our own photo shoot – hopefully without the drama.

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Guest Post: My Mom is Amazing!

This is written by one of Raejean’s kiddos.

Assorted 10 Reasons I Love Mom

The following are completely and totally true, despite what Raejean may say.

1. She is perfect.(Well, as close as you can get)

2. She is beautiful.

3. My mom thrifty. (Have you seen her parties?)

4. She has turned our family into the best Cub Scout family ever! (The Pack helps the Scout Grow, The Scout helps the Pack Go)

5. My mom is a great writer.

6. My mom thinks every quote is from Kid History.

7. She saves 15% or more on groceries.

8. She is super skinny.

9. She breathes.

10. She made me!

It’s me, Raejean; I regained my computer from my kiddo.  This week started out crazy and has left me frazzled with no brain cells for writing.  Thanks for the somewhat truthful guest post in the style of It’s a Crafty Life’s Ten on Tuesday!

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