Family Home Evening: Service

We started our lesson with a story about a couple of school children that started a “Good Neighbor Club” to battle summer boredom.  (I couldn’t find a link to the story. It was in a FHE kit we received from a swap we did a few years ago, and it didn’t include the author or the source.)  After we discussed the importance of service, we were challenged to come up with a family service project.  I can’t share what we came up with since we chose to do it anonymously.

Our activity was a simple hot and cold game with a little twist.  I found the idea in the Old Testament edition of Scripture Study for Latter-Day Saint Families, page 83.  I hid a small list of the Ten Commandments in a pocket near my heart and challenged my family to find it.  They were a little confused that what was hot kept changing (because I’d change locations).  I gave them a clue – Deuteronomy 30:11-14, and they were able to find it right away.

I was going to quiz the kids and have them name the Ten Commandments, but before I had the chance my oldest kiddos showed me how they memorized them in order.  A Bishopric member had just taught them a memory trick on that very subject.  I guess I was inspired!

We enjoyed No Bake Cookies for our treat.

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  1. Schuhe Nike says:

    You can’t examine the teeth of a gift horse.

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    Where exactly is the facebook like link ?