Cub Scout Annual Planning Meeting

Last night our Pack had it’s Annual Planning Meeting, where we lined out some basic plans for the next 12 month’s Pack Meetings.  It sounds overwhelming, but it only added about a half hour to our usual Committee Meeting.  It will save us 20 times that amount of time as we get closer to each meeting and fine tune the details.

The Annual Planning Meeting is one of those things that most Cub Scout leaders who haven’t been trained don’t know about.  The ironic part is the reason they usually aren’t trained is because they don’t have time.  But if the go through the training, they learn cool things that will save them time – and help them provide a better program for their boys.

Whether you are in Scouts or not, training and planning are universal in any area.  We can’t do what we don’t know and we rarely get where we want to go without a plan.  And with Scouts, you don’t work alone.  I personally love working with my awesome leaders!  And the excuse to make goodies for our meetings is pretty fun too.

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  2. Sam says:

    Impressive details! I have already been trying to find something similar to this for a while now. Thanks!