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Friday Favorites: August 5

Happy August!  The sidewalk’s sizzling in the sun and the sweet children scurried off to school.  (That was a fun alliteration!) Now the time to catch up on all those projects left undone while we skipped through the summer sun.  (Sorry, I’m on a roll.)  So besides getting back on schedule, I have a few other favorites.

Summer Reading Program – One of my kiddos won the grand prize from our local library’s program.  Who couldn’t enjoy $100 Wal-mart gift card?  I’m also hoping to take advantage of their Del Taco coupons for Saturday’s dinner.  Maybe we’ll follow it up by using their Sonic ice cream coupons.  Did I mention I love summer reading programs?

Tortellini Spinach Bake in Creamy Lemon Sauce – I saw this recipe on Our Dinner Time Ideas a while back and finally tried it .  Super yummy, and my kids loved it even though it had spinach in it!

There’s other cool stuff in Blogville too!

Yummy Bowl and Sauce – I love Homebased Mom’s idea to use leftover chicken!

Root Beer Brownies – I’m not a big root beer fan, but if I was these sound delish!  Cookies and Cups is my new favorite treat blog.

So you don’t think I’m only interested in food, check out RJR’s son’s noteworthy idea!

My daughter came up with a cute car seat shade cover.  You can even catch a peak of my adorable grandson at the end of the post!

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