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Elephant of a Sewing Project

I’ve been working on a sewing project with one of my daughter’s lately.  I wish I was a seamstress, but it doesn’t come easily and I can’t say it’s my favorite activity.  The irony of my teaching someone to sew hasn’t escaped me. What a mom will do for a child.

After a month, we finally finished!  I know my sewing skills have expanded, hopefully my daughter learned a bit and gained some confidence.  I tried to encourage her to start out with a simpler project, but she’s a stuffed animal lover.  Next time we will definitely be working on something simple like a skirt or pajama pants so she can get more time behind the machine!  This project was a great reminder in reading the directions all the way through before beginning.The final product has a lot of personality and we love him (or her – I don’t know if that detail has been determined yet).  I love the splash of color in his ears and on his paws.  This morning I saw him sitting and reading my daughter’s book.  They are quite the pair!

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Norse Mythology Summer Camp

We wrapped up this year’s summer camp with the theme of Norse Mythology, which gained my kiddos appreciation when they realized that Hiccop from How to Train your Dragon and all other Vikings are also known as the Norse.  Be sure to read all our summer camp adventures at Arizona Mama!

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Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Domestic Diva for winning the Recipe Bundle.  Please email me at with address by September 5, so I can get your prize off in the mail to you!

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Family Home Evening: Personal Revelation

The Especially For Youth DVD’s are popular!  This week’s lesson on Personal Revelation was from one of the lesson DVD’s.  The great thing about these lessons, is there are places to pause the DVD and discuss a few questions.  One of the points that was made is how important it is to be in the right places doing the right things so that you will be able to hear the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

We played this crazy game called Bunny Bunny.  I didn’t totally get all the rules and I could find an explanation of how to play the game online.  The closest I could find was a video on YouTube of some teenagers playing the game.  Maybe it will make sense to you.

I was able to rest when it was time for our closing song and prayer.  We had Whopper Cookies for our treat.

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