Clean Desk

Last week started off with an urge to purge and clean.  At the end of the week, a broken monitor necessitated moving my ginormous, heavy desk.  Since I can’t move said desk, I unloaded the drawers and cleaned most everything off the top of it.  

Yesterday, I finally got everything back on my desk.  Well not everything.  I decided some of the things that lived on my desk weren’t used often enough and were relegated to the closet shelves.  There were other things living there, that had homes elsewhere that I finally put away properly.  I even took care of a few things that were there because they needed my attention.  Finally there were several things that needed my attention weeks ago, but no longer required my services and were tossed in the circular file. OK, my garbage can is more rectangular, but you get the idea. 

I know my desk isn’t picture perfect; I still have a few piles of projects to complete.  But I am so looking forward to scrapbooking today with all that free desktop space!  Now that is my simple pleasure.


7 Responses to Clean Desk

  1. Marianne says:

    Great job on your desk. Piles of clutter does show of a creative mind, that is my excuse at least. My office is the kitchen counter or dining room table. No chance of letting piles grow to much there. My craft area on the other hand. I should probably take a picture of it today and blog about it in a few weeks when I hope to be done with a few projects (more like 20 projects but oh well).

  2. Kim @ It's a Crafty Life says:

    I love how much I can get accomplished when I'm in one of those purge moods! Your desk looks great, ready to create on! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Chocolate on my Cranium says:

    LIKE, like like! I just cleaned off my desk too so I definitely know what you are talking about.

  4. Raejean says:

    I do a fair job keeping stuff clean, except when I'm busy. I'm just busy too often.

    Now if I had a slanted desk … all my piles would be on the floor!

  5. RJR says:

    I once ran a workshop that had a gaggle of messy workmen, we solved a lot of untidiness by adding slopes on top of all flat ledges that collected junk. You cant put your your junk on a ledge with a slope it slides off !!

  6. Carrie says:

    Having all the surfaces that usually collect things (desk top, table, bed side table, etc.) clean and organized is DEFINITELY a simple pleasure!

  7. JRoberts says:

    clean things, give me great satisfaction…until I manage to clutter them up again! 🙂