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Direction Planning

I’m still working on my word of the year – direction.  I narrowed my wanna be list down to 11 things.  Some things are just for me, like reading and writing.  Other things are talents or goals I want to work on with one or more of my family members, like photography or piano.  And a couple are things indirectly benefit my family like family history and food storage.

With a more manageable list, I need to incorporate my goals into my life.  A list sitting on my desk doesn’t mean anything until I put a plan in action.  Some things need attention daily, others several times a week, and still others weekly or monthly.  I keep my goals in mind as I plan out my week, ensuring they find a place on my schedule.  The goals I work on monthly are the most challenging for me to work in because it’s easy to repeatedly bump them to the next week, until the month is gone. Now that I’m aware of my procrastinating ways, I should be able to do better next month. 

I was discussing a plan to achieve my goals with my children and explained the word of the year concept.  Being the comedians that they are, they decided to come up with their own words of the year – ice cream, rolls and cookies were suggested.  After I reiterated the word is supposed to be a verb, they tried again – eat, read and sleep were some ideas.  I would love to be young and carefree again; to feel comfortable with myself and adulthood is very far away!

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Family Home Evening: Developing Talents

We started off our lesson with a interest survey.  I used the one I received from Venturing training for inspiration, adapting it to fit the needs of my lesson.  I’d be happy to email you a copy, leave me a comment with your email address or email me at RaejeanEasyAsPie at gmail dot com.  I gave everyone a few minutes to check off everything they were interested; some of the kids decided to go further and label how interested they were in the various subjects on a scale of 1 to 10.  

Next we discussed the Parable of the Talents.  The Lord expects us to not only develop the talents we have but to add to them.  Sometimes we have a hard time knowing what our talents are, other times we know what they are but we don’t develop them.  I asked my family to look over in the interest survey and consider how many of the things they are interested in could be come talents.  We need to try new things and continue to practice what we already enjoy to find and develop our talents.  I don’t know about you, but I wasted a lot of time during my teenage years that could have been used to develop talents before my time was full of raising children and maintaining a household.  I regret not using that time better and hope to encourage my children to not have the same regrets.  I asked them to choose one thing from their list and do something to see if that is a potential talent.

Our activity was similar to one we’ve done often, where we all draw a picture for a minute then pass our drawing to the person for them to draw on for a minute, until the picture makes it around the circle and everyone has drawn on each picture.  This time we drew a slip of paper with a topic to draw about.  The topics were things like “something that represents Valentine’s Day” or “things you love”.  I thought it was even more fun that way!

One of my kiddos made homemade Cream Puffs for our treat.

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Saturday Sentament: Voices

I am asking that we look a little deeper for the good, that we still our voices of insult and sarcasm, that we more generously compliment virtue and effort. ~ Gordon B Hinckley

I saw this quote on Secrets of a Super Mommy.  What a great reminder of the power of our voices.

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Favorite Feeds Friday: January 28

Remember when we were giddy over the start of the new year; making resolutions and declaring a fresh start.  Yeah, that new year is 1/12 of the way over!  How are you doing on your 2011 goals?  I’ll fill you in on my progress next week.  Instead, let’s focus on the last Favorite Feeds Friday of January. 

  • There were several cute card making ideas floating around.  Let’s start with a bit of this. a bit of that’s thank you card.  Simple and bling all in the same card!
  • Sherbert Blossom’s card has purple and butterflies, two of my favorites.
  • I especially like the black and white card toward the end of the post at Stamp Away With Me.
  • If you prefer your paper in a good book, Booking Mama reviewed Pictures of You; because I need more books I want to read.
  • Switching over to another favorite topic – cookies!  Your Homebased Mom shares a recipe for Browned Butter Cookies.
  • Finally, see why Groundhog Day has a special place in my heart on Arizona Mama.

I also want to give a happy birthday shout out to my brother-in-law!
Please share your fun and exciting finds this fine January day.

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