Paper Bag Kite

We took the paper bag kites for a test fly over the weekend.  We had to do some repairs right off the start – it’s like they were made of paper or something!  After some patching and the addition of a tail, we got them in the air as high as the string we had, which wasn’t saying much.  But since we were just in the neighborhood, I didn’t want to lose them in someone’s backyard.  One of the neighbors gave the kiddos a cool kite they never use.  That one flew much better!

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2 Responses to Paper Bag Kite

  1. Raejean says:

    The Cub Scout Wolf Book?

  2. Bugg's mama says:

    That is so fun! Your children are super duper creative. Gee….I wonder where they get it from ?!!!!

    Love, bree