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Easter Enlightenment: Parable of the Wedding feast

Yesterday night was a little hectic, so I read our Easter story while everyone else ate dinner.  First, we read Matthew 22:1-14.  Then we talked about why Jesus taught in parables and the symbols of the parable.  We finished off with one of my favorite modern parables – The Parable of the Bicycle by Stephen E.Robinson. (You’ll find it if you scroll about half way down the web page.)  This parable helps me to understand some basic principles of the atonement.  To get the full impact of the message, I recommend reading Stephen E. Robinson’s book, Believing Christ.

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Easter Enlightenment: Cleansing the Temple

Yesterday we read Matthew 21:12-18 and discussed how Jesus would feel in our home. We talked about cleansing the arguing that sneaks in too often. 

Next we read the story, The Rich Family in Our Church by Eddie Ogan.  We all enjoy a good story!

Finally,while eating cookies from our neighbor, we decided to perform a service that shows our love for Jesus.  If you’ve read my blog, you know we have the best neighbor in the world!  Our service project is to egg her house.  No really, this is a good thing.  The kiddos are going to decorate paper eggs to hang on her door that say “You have been egged” and on her doorstep will be a basket of plastic eggs, each with something we like about her.  I can tell you our plans because she’s not online and won’t read it before the big day!

Is there a service your family can do to share the love of our Savior with someone near you?

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Easter Enlightenment: Palm Sunday

This is our second year of emphasizing the true meaning of Easter, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.  I wrote about it last year at The Homemaking Cottage.  This year, I’m a little more organized and have a better feel of what works for our family.

Since yesterday was Palm Sunday, we read Luke 19:29-44 and discussed the symbolism of the palm branches.  “Palms for the Lord” is a great article explaining the significance.

We also started our annual LOA (Love One Another) poster, where we write grateful messages to family members.  For example: Dad, thanks for driving the kids to their friend’s house.  We did this last year and read the notes on Easter.  It added a nice spirit to our home. 

I found that idea and more in a book called A Christ Centered Easter by Janet and Joe Hales. It’s a great resource with several things we incorporate into our own celebration.  Stop by everyday to see how we commemorate Easter Week!


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Family Home Evening: Holy Ghost

Our lesson was taken from the 2nd Virtue experience in the Personal Progress book.  We read John 14:26-27; John 15:26; 2 Nephi 32:1-5: D&C 45:57-59; D&C 88:3-4; and D&C 121:45.  We had a good discussion about the things we must do to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost with us everyday.  We also discussed the blessings that come from having the Holy Ghost with us, including eternal life.  I think D&C 121:45 is my favorite verse, of those we read.  I love the idea of “virtue ganish(ing my) thoughts unceasingly” and my “confidence wax(ing) strong in the presence of God”.  I’m so grateful for the blessings that come from the gift of the Holy Ghost!  Through him, we can be comforted through trails, and receive knowledge and strength.

We finished off Family Home Evening with some delicious Snickerdoodles that I didn’t have to cook.  (Doesn’t food somebody else cooked always taste better?)

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