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The Preparations Continue

I tried to control my frenzied thoughts about people coming into my home and it not being all that I want it to be. But, since there was a Saturday without any specific plans, I decided to paint a wall. My hubby even jumped in to help me!

It was a wall that had a large 3-foot by 4-foot patch of the last color we tried, but didn’t like. I had a free sample of paint from the summer that was enough to paint the whole wall, even the yucky flat, white paint that the house came with when we bought it. The color is lighter than I would have picked if I have more choices, but I like it – or maybe I just like the clean uniformity!

I’ll have to live with the color for a few weeks before I make a final decision. I hope I like it, then next time we have time, motivation, and some money for paint – we’ll know what color to buy!

If the painting wasn’t enough, I even cleaned my fridge and organized a few other things here and there. My family may not like me being frenzied before a party, but they do appreciate having a cleaner house.

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Shower Preparations

I mentioned a few posts ago, we’re hosting a bridal shower. I hope I’m not the only one who looks at my house with different eyes when I know company is coming. I’m not a horrible housekeeper, but I have plenty of room for improvement. As the day of the event draws nearer, my wish list of things to clean, organize, paint and decorate grows longer. Yet I don’t seem to have any more extra time for these activities than usual. Yesterday, I did manage to work a little more on the favors, deep clean my bathroom, straighten book shelves and help the bride with her wedding favors. I wonder if I have time to paint the living room today?

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First Assignment

I’m always a little anxious turning in my first assignment to a new class,even if the answers are fill in the blank. My literature class assignments are writing assignments, which is more challenging. I don’t even get to write if I like the story or how it makes me feel, it has to be in the parameters of the class. Don’t restate the plot, but back up your findings from the text of the story. So that first assignment feels like a stab in the dark, hoping to give the answers the instructor wants.

Happily, I’ve already received feedback from my instructor and she was pleased. She also let me know of the one thing she would like to see in the next assignment. I’ll take the 9 out of 10 points. It is so nice to have teacher interaction! The last two classes I took online felt very much like do it yourself classes.

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What’s a windlass? Even after looking at the picture in the book, it took me a while to figure out reasons why I’d want to make one with my kiddos. The reasons I came up with was mainly we could build something together. A windlass is a small scale well, without the water. Parental supervision and assistance is a must!

Overall it was a fun project. It’s interesting to turn the crank (made from a paperclip and attached to a pencil) and watch the thread wind around the pencil bringing the cup up to the top. I like my cup to hold a few M&M’s to reward me for all that cranking!

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