Daily Archives: January 16, 2010

No Disneyland in Heaven

We were discussing our plans for a vacation this summer. One of the kiddos really wants to go to Disneyland since they haven’t been there yet. I was explaining that we wouldn’t be able to save enough by this fall, but maybe we could start saving now, go see some family in the summer with some of the money and keep saving until the following fall and go to Disneyland next year.

All the other kiddos were fine with that plan, but the one that started the crusade to go to Disneyland, was very upset with the arrangement. The child argued that if we dumped the family trip, we could get to Disneyland sooner. I was explaining how important family relationships are and how we needed to make them a priority. We will be with our family in heaven and we need to build relationships with them now; there is no Disneyland in heaven. The response, “Exactly! There is no Disneyland in heaven. That’s why we need to go now!”

Do you ever feel like you’re not getting through to your children?

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