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The Perfect Christmas Tree

While the themed, color-coordinated trees are lovely; I wouldn’t trade our family tree for a 100 of those “picture-perfect” trees. I love our assortment of ornaments collected and made over the years. Every year as I pull the ornaments out of the box and unwrap them, I give the kiddos a recap of where the ornament came from.

“I remember putting this one on the tree when I was your age.”
“I bought this one after Christmas when I was a teenager.”
“One of Dad’s friends gave us this cowboy one.”
“The neighbor made these two for us last year.”

We have duplicates of some, either from when I was a kid or ornaments we made as a family. The kids like to put their ornaments on the tree. They remember what the ornament looks like from their first Christmas and the ones we made last year, and most of the ones in between.

While our tree won’t be pictured in any magazine, it is my picture perfect Christmas tree!

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Advent Drawers

Our wonderful neighbor gave us this cool advent box, that opens to show 24 drawers. The kiddos take turns opening the drawers. Some days there is candy inside the drawer and other days in a paper with an activity. Some of the activities include Christmas parties, making ornaments, or seeing Christmas lights. What’s in the box depends on our time frame for the day. This year I’m thinking of adding in a word search or a maze.

I’m on the lookout for additional Christmas season activities. Please share any you have!

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Gratitude Tree Update

Our Gratitude tree filled up quite nicely. There were even more leaves added on Thanksgiving day, but I forgot to take another picture. Our neighbor liked the tree so much, she asked to keep it when we took it down. Probably because the kids put her on one of the leaves. This morning when we were packing up the Thanksgiving decorations, the kiddos put it on a piece of poster board and took it to her.

Now the Christmas decorations are up and the tree is ready to be trimmed!

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Pie Day!

In case you didn’t know, yesterday was Pie Day, at least in our house. Every year, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the day I make the Thanksgiving pies. Yesterday I made two pumpkins and two Chocolate Mousse Praline Pecan pies. I know that last one has a long name, but it’s worth every letter! I had a very special helper yesterday! One of my kiddos was a huge help, now that’s something to be thankful for.

I also made rolls and cornbread for today’s stuffing. I was exhausted by the end of the day – maybe that’s how baker’s stay so thin… I still need to make the peach crisp this morning before I start the Thanksgiving cooking.

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