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Over the weekend, I did something special with one of my children. I try to spend one-on-one time with each of my children doing something they choose each month. My kiddo didn’t choose anything too exciting, just to go to a warehouse store and enjoy the samples. While we were there we picked up a few few things we needed and added to the food storage. What could have been just running errands was made special because of the conversations we shared and the bond that we strengthened in those few hours.

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Food Journal

I have discovered that when I track what I eat, I generally eat less. I like to use a website like or These websites help me keep a running total of how many calories I’ve eaten and I have a better idea of when I need to stop eating. I even lost a little weight, just very slowly.

For my nutrition class, not only do I have to keep track of what I eat (and when) and how much I exercise; I have to turn it in. Somebody will actually be looking (and probably judging) what I eat every day! Now that is a great deterrent to 10pm bowl of ice cream. OK, I’ve still been eating ice cream at night, but it’s a smaller amount than I would usually eat. 🙂

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Goal Met!

I finished my 11th scrapbook layout this month! It always feels so good to accomplish a goal. And since there’s still 5 more days in the month…maybe I could even sneak in one more. We’ll see if there’s any time left between picking up kids, grocery shopping, homework and meetings! 🙂

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Nutrition Theory

I started a nutrition class last week. I think nutrition and how it affects our bodies is very interesting. In my textbook there was a section on Nutrigenomics. The theory is that what we eat, our lifestyle and our environment can alter our own DNA by turning off or on certain genes in certain people. They showed a certain breed of mice that are yellowish color and prone to large fat stores. By changing the diet of the mice, their offspring are born brown (instead of yellow), store less fat, and increase their life span. The theory is certain diets can trigger different reactions in people because of their DNA and somethings are beneficial across the board because of how it effects human DNA.

It will take decades for the researchers to proved weather it’s true or not. But, it is interesting food for thought!

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