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Spending Time

If you asked me at the beginning of last week if I was ready for the kids to go back to school, I would have said “no”. By the end of the week, I think everyone was ready. The natives are definitely restless! I’ve been trying to make a little extra effort to play with them. We’ve been swimming, started reading our new book club book, and tried to play Parcheesi before I had to run an unexpected errand. Today I altered my planned workout and took the kids on a walk. It helped for an hour or so.

It’s challenging to keep up with all my goals, but today I’ll focus on the goal of being a good mother. I think it’s time to finish that game of Parcheesi!

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Last Day of Australia Summer Camp

It was our last day of Australia week and our last day of summer school. Thanks to our wonderful neighbor for making our day special. She brought pizza and ice cream for lunch (doesn’t that make any day special?).

For our official summer school part of the day, we learned some Australian words and phrases. To summarize our week: We learned about boomers (kangaroos) with our mates (buddies), mostly in the arvos (afternoons). It was a bonzer (excellent) week. Unfortunately, we have Buckley’s chance (no chance) of actually going to Oz (Australia) any time soon. It will do no good to chuck a fit (get angry), so we’ll just chuck in (give up) on the idea. Thanks for putting up with the earbash (nonstop talk). I’ll be a dobber (informant) of our long journey to excellence.


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Harry Potter

We took a break from Australia Week to celebrate the completion of a couple of our summer goals. We finished reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and the kids finished their workbooks. How did we celebrate? We went and saw the new Harry Potter Movie. I always think its interesting to see how they change the book to make the movie.

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Australia Week, Day 3

Today we learned about the Great Barrier Reef. I never realized the magnitude of the Reef. It covers an area around 1200 miles long! I also learned that starfish can be destructive. I’m not sure if it’s all starfish or just the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish.

We also learned about the meaning of the Australian flag – and colored our own.

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