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Inventions Week, Day Two

Today we learned about Egyptian inventions. You know you can’t talk about Egypt and not have a discussion on mummies. My kids especially like to hear how they got the brain out. Mummies usually lead us to the pyramids. We made paper pyramids and then built a human pyramids!

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Inventions Week

This week we are learning about inventions for our stay-at-home summer school. Today we talked about Roman inventions. Did you know the Romans invented glass blowing, sewers, drains and socks? It was new to me! Since the Romans built so many amazing buildings, we spent some time building with Ello. Pretty fun!

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China Week, the Finale

To finish off China week, we read a story about the Chinese Zodiac. Do you know why the rat is the symbol of the first Chinese year? We looked at a picture of a Chinese statue called the “Flying Horse”. We also learned a little about how Buddha came to be, what he taught, and how his teachings were spread. Finally we tried our hand at origami. It was fun, but I am not precise enough to do it well. I think I’ll stick to scrapbooking!

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China Week, Part Four

Another day of Chinese fun. Today we learned about the clothing, jobs and homes of ancient China. We read one of many stories about the Phoenix. Then watched Mulan for our activity. Simple and fun!

I finally finished going through the Family Fun magazines! The stack is literally higher than my knees. Now I can start rearranging the books to make room for everything and maybe end up a little more organized.

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