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Forth of July Week

In honor of our nation’s birthday, we’re celebrating the Forth of July all week! Yesterday, we learned about the original 13 colonies. Then one of the kiddos shared the meaning of our state flag and the Pledge of Allegiance. We looked at a picture of the first flag of the Revolution. After it sent a mixed message, George Washington visited Betsy Ross with a sketch for a new flag. It included six-pointed stars. Betsy Ross showed him a cool trick to cut a five-pointed star – and the rest is history. Here’s the link to make your own 5 point star in one snip star .

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I Win!

Just for the record, I’m not a green thumb – especially not like my neighbor! Her back yard is green and lush. She has fruit trees producing fruit after only 2 years, tomatoes, peppers and all kinds of other things. She let the kids plant pumpkins in her garden and they are going crazy. I tried planting pumpkins last year and they shot up and did great for a few weeks, then died within a few days.

I don’t think of myself as a brown thumb either. I’ve had a few scattered successes. I had a few basil plants thrive at our first house. I recently kept a bamboo plant alive for over two years. So, I think there’s hope for me. I’ll call myself an aspiring gardener.

For Mother’s Day, one of my children gave mini-rose plants to three of us. Mine is still living. Maybe I just need to do competition gardening, one plant at a time to be a successful gardener? I also received a Bougainvillea that day. It was a skinny little plant with some leaves and a few flowers. The flowers fell off almost immediately after I planted it, and the leaves followed shortly after. The stem was still green, so I kept watering it and now there are more leaves than I started with and they are even bigger that the original ones!

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Inventions Week, Day Four

Today we learned about ancient Mesopotamian inventions. I had to look up where Mesopotamia was, it covered present day Iraq, Syria and Turkey. It included Babylon. They invented the ever vital wheel. They also invented spears, helmets and some kind of chariot. And perfume was invented on their watch, so I guess that’s how people managed until soap was invented! For our activity, we drew pictures of spears, helmets and chariots. A couple of the kids even got some help in making a spear, scary!

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Inventions Week, Day Three

Today we learned about Greek inventions. Boy they were industrious people! One of their many inventions was soap. People must have been pretty stinky before then!

We were in the mood for a sweet activity, so we “built” cupcakes. Yum! They were homemade yellow cupcakes, with homemade frosting. We didn’t make the sprinkles though, just decorated with them.

We finished of our school day by watching Hercules and listed the inventions shown in the movie that we learned about. It’s amazing what you notice when you are looking for it!

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