March Review

March Field tripApril is more than half over and has been kicking my tushy! Before the month gets away from me or takes me out completely, I’d like to share my March review.

1 – Day celebration for Spring Break. We explored Arizona Falls and had lunch at the Golden Corral, I think grown up should automatically get two weeks off too!

1 – That one pound I lost last month, I found it again. Boo!

3 – Events; writing group, Tempe Festival of the Arts, and a Blog Meetup

4 – Projects complete

5 – Hours of interviews for my son to work at a camp this summer, yes I am a good mom and I got lots of studying done

6 – Tickets to the Improv to celebrate a family birthday

14 – Pieces of clothing from the thrift store, I like to call them treasures

March treat21 – French Toast cupcakes (too bad the link isn’t active or I would share)

27 – Instagram pix

739- Blog page views, Utah loves me

1090 – Words added to my new book, that’s more than a fifth of my 2015 goal in one month

Overall March was good and productive, I’m hoping I can say the same about April in the next couple of weeks. I would love to hear about how your month is going and the goals you are achieving!

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Speak Up

Speak UpI’m approaching my two year anniversary of being a single, working mom. During training for my first position at work, I asked a lot of questions. Toward the end, I joked to my trainer that she was probably sick of me talking so much in class. To my surprise, she told me she wanted me to speak up, both in volume and frequency. To say the least, I was surprised our perceptions were so different.

Nine months later I was promoted. The initial ego boost faded over the 9 weeks of training, I felt like my brain was going to explode as my confidence plummeted. I answered the trainer’s questions, but she moved on like I didn’t say anything. Again I thought I was actively participating, but my trainer rarely heard me and wanted me to speak up.

I read an article about how women share an idea in the work force that gets no response until a man suggests the same idea. I have seen this scenario play out countless times. But I have also seen strong and confident women who not only get noticed, but are also respected as natural leaders.

For me, speaking up is more than overcoming society’s tendency to turn to men for leadership. Speaking up is a matter of confidence; an inner strength in knowing who I am and what’s important to me. I’ve come to understand how important it is to know myself and learn to be comfortable in my own skin.

This seems like it should be a simple concept, but it is a long and challenging process filled with victories and failures. There continues to be, an unraveling of who I thought I was and what I believe. I feel like I’m trying to hit a moving target without knowing what the target looks like.

I think I’m way too old to be “discovering myself”, but it’s important to strip down to my core and see what it is that makes me, me.  That understanding builds my authentic self that I’m hoping is a strong, confident woman who is never afraid to speak up.

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February Review

Remember at the beginning of the year when we set some goals? This February I was still plugging away at mine. How about you?
1 – Pound lost. Here’s to not finding it!February dessert
1 – Fancy date at Orange Sky
1 – Insurance designation completed
2 – Days of the American Night Writers Association writing conference
4 – Belly dancing classes
4 – Bags of chocolate to share with my kiddos for Valentine’s Day
5 – Projects completed, but they were good ones
10 – Countries visited Easy as PIE, well not the whole country but you know what I mean
18 – Holes of miniature golf
25 – Pictures posted on Instagram
593 – Words my new writing project
601 – Easy as PIE page views

Whether your February was filled with progression your New Year’s resolutions or other fun stuff, I’d love to hear about your month.

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Living in my Head

Writing Conference NotesI came home last weekend from my writer’s conference on an incredible high. I used some of that energy to finished writing my book that I was muddling through for the last year (or at least came to a good stopping point for now).

Monday, I was still bounding with excitement and started working on a new writing project after work.

Tuesday was a hard day on the phones at work, then Cub Scouts started a few minutes after I got home. I was worried about losing that pep in my step so quickly after my awesome weekend. But when everything settled down, I spent a few minutes working on the opening scene to my new book. My mind kept working on the scene while I slept and I added to it when I got up the next morning. My workout suffered, but I was excited about my day again!

Sometimes I think I spend too much time in my own head, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Maybe I need to be more intentional and escape into my imagination as a way to escape the mundane. This could be a tool to balance my mood when I’m feeling discouraged or overwhelmed; a way to stay connected to my goals and dreams.

So now to put my theory to the test and experiment with spending more time living in my head, which sounds like a lot more fun than a lot of the other tests I’ve been taking lately! How do you escape reality?

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